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Brief Introduction 

Square Pin Tag for Piglet T952

Technical Parameters

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Founded in 2002, Wuxi Fofia Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of animal identification products in Asian -Pacific region.

We provide professional pet identification microchips&syringes, animal electronic/visual ear tags, animal RFID readers, handheld equipment and system integration solutions.

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Company Certificates 


Quality Assurance  

As the pioneer and founder in the Asia-pacific region, Fofia was established in 2002 and one of his main PHILOSOPHY came into being. As the Chairman of Fofia Group, Mr. Luo still remembered, "In the earlier 2000, none of products we made can be accepted by Chinese market. It is not the price itself, but ZERO requirement in Chinese market after later survey".

At that time, all products produced by Fofia had to be exported abroad. In order to meet the high standard requirements of foreign customers, all staff of Fofia were encouraged to participate in quality management and focus on customers. The R&D team designs each product in accordance with ISO standards. The basic data is randomly checked by the front-line QC personnel; then the general line inspection; then overall general inspection. Not only the production line quality inspectors, but also line team leaders are trained as quality inspectors. More quality items are on the list, and more optimization analysis and operations are negotiated and approved by the sales department and customer representatives. The generation and optimization of new product design drafts is a wonderful cycle until the product matures. Not only can these products pass simple tests such as pull test, fading test, reading distance test or abrasion test as a combination of passed parameters, but each product can be selected as a sample. It is not quality control, but comprehensive quality assurance, which is deeply rooted in the soul of Fofia employees. Simply put, it's just a promise, a Fofia’s promise.

Obtained ICAR certification in 2006 and became an ICAR member. With consistent quality assurance, Fofia has won the reputation of product high-quality, delivery faster and after-sales service excellent. Fofia is still pursuing quality suitable for customers, especially for secondary integrator and wholesaler. Fofia always hopes to be your reliable partner.

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Cargo Delivery 

  Sample order

Normally the sample in stock is free of charge after your registration and you can ask your courier company to pick up as soon as you got the confirmation of our sales.Also we can send by our courier(FEDEX,DHL.TNT,UPS).But customized products are not included.If you are interested in,please contact our sales for further information.

②  Large order

Normally we deliver your cargo by sea, by train or by air according to your requirements.If you have any question, please contact our sales or complain to After-sales Dept.by email: market@fofia.com 

  Urgent Delivery

If you need your large order urgently and you found our ETA is far too late to your deadline after negotiation with our Delivery Agent. Please email us to market@fofia.com with a letter headline of Urgent Request of Delivery, we will offer you a satisfied solution in 2 days during working times. (Beijing Time: 08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday except the Chinese Holiday).


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