T921 Electronic Ear Tags

T921 animal electronic ear tag is a kind of animal electronic ear tag specially designed for animal breeding and slaughter management, which conforms to iso11784/5 animal identification international standard.

T921 animal electronic ear tag is designed and produced by imported original chip, with unique design of read-write and data security. This product combines the visual function and the electronic chip function, can not only print letters, Numbers and two-dimensional code on the male nail, but also implant the electronic chip in the master mark.

T921 animal electronic ear tag adopts the second injection molding process, with excellent waterproof and anti-falling performance. With the series of reading and writing equipment provided by the company, it can be easily used in animal breeding and slaughter management to track and identify individual animals.

The color of T921 can be customized. There are three sizes.


Chip Specification

R/W standard

ISO11784/5 FDX-B and HDX



Operation temperature

-30°C to 50°C

Ear Tag Specification


yellow(other colors are customizable)


Large: 76*118mm, medium: 64*97mm, small: 57*80mm


TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane)

Anticollision standard

IEC 68-2-27

Vibrating standard

IEC 68-2-6


Packing manner



>5 years

International certification

International Committee For Animal Recording (ICAR)